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Our course is a 10 week program (accelerated courses offered) with a class capacity of 10. We hold our students to the highest standards, with the expectations of doing assigned assignments outside of class and receiving passing scores on there exams to graduate our program. 


How to Apply

To apply is simple. Please contact our office ether by phone or email (listed at the bottom of screen) and we will walk you through the steps needed to sign up for the Dental Assisting Course. We are excited to to hear from you, so we can help start your journey of becoming an amazing Dental Assistant. 


It cost $3,500 dollars to take the course. That fee also covers the materials needed for the completion of this course. If your are a dentist needing some of your staff trained we are offering you a discounted prices of $3,000 dollars per staff member. We require payment on or prior to the first day of class. We take card, cash, and/or bankers check. 

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